Terms and Conditions

1. General

By fixing an appointment with or placing an order with Frauenlob Business Consulting GmbH (FBC), the General Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted. Should individual parts of it become ineffective, the other parts shall continue to apply.

1.1. The client ensures that all the prerequisites for the fulfillment of the orders, in particular all the necessary information, are given on his part.

1.2. All oral and written statements remain the property of the author and may only be used by the client within the scope of the order.

1.3. In the event of a delay in payment, the statutory interest on arrears and a reminder fee of €30 will be charged.

1.4. For locations outside of Salzburg, kilometer allowance, accommodation and subsistence costs are charged according to the effort involved.

1.5. The cancellation of a consultant day / seminar up to 6 weeks before is free of charge, up to 4 weeks before 50% will be charged, if you cancel later, 100% of the fee will be charged.

1.6. Individual coachings can be canceled without cancellation up to two working days before the appointment, after which 100% of the fee will be charged.

1.7. Services paid for in advance must be consumed within two years, after which the current price will be adjusted.

1.8. Participation is at your own risk and responsibility. No liability claims of any kind can be asserted from the application of the knowledge acquired at FBC. Participants are liable for any damage they cause themselves.

1.9. No liability can be assumed for the personal equipment or valuables of the participants.

1.10. The instructions of the seminar leaders must be followed, especially at outdoor events.

1.11. Austrian law applies to all orders; Place of jurisdiction is the Salzburg area court.

2. Seminars & Workshops:

2.1. Payments are to be made six weeks before the start of the seminar, in the case of later registration promptly after receipt of the invoice.

Only invoices received on time, according to the payment target, entitle you to participate in the seminar.

2.2. If the seminars do not take place in the company's conference rooms, adequate premises are rented. The room costs are billed directly by the companies to the contractual partner of the seminar.

2.3. If FBC cancels a seminar, you will receive a refund of the amount already paid or you can use the sum for another booking. Further claims do not result from a cancellation.

2.4. 90% attendance is required for the seminars and courses in order for a confirmation of participation to be issued.

3. Business – Coaching:

3.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice is payable directly after the coaching by FBC immediately after receipt of the invoice.

3.2. The customer does not commit to purchasing a specific number of units. The coaching process can be terminated by the customer at any time.

3.3. The people involved at FBC are obliged to exercise absolute discretion about the names of the people being coached and the content of the coaching.

3.4. Since no solution concepts are offered in the coaching, neither FBC nor the executive coach assume liability for the actions of the customer resulting from the coaching.

A service contract, not a work contract, is concluded.

4. Notice within the meaning of the Data Protection Act

Customers and business partners agree that the data of their organization, which is collected as part of the seminar and workshop registration, is included in the company database FBC.

4.1. Please note that e-mail addresses of our customers and business partners are used to draw attention to news, event dates, offers, information etc. from FBC. If this is not desired by the customer or business partner, this can be prevented by sending an e-mail to hello@emanuelfrauenlob.com.

4.2. Declaration of consent to photo and video recordings at public workshops / seminars

By signing the registration form, the person depicted gives his/her express consent to photo and video recordings of his/her person and confirms with his/her signature that no claims of any kind can be derived from this.

He/She acknowledges that this consent is given free of charge and that there is therefore no entitlement to remuneration.

Furthermore, the person depicted gives his/her consent that the photo and video recordings can be used for the purpose of reporting, advertising, follow-up reporting or documentation in electronic media (e.g. TV, Facebook, website,...) including naming the name, company and position of the person depicted may be published and confirms with his/her signature that no claims of any kind can be derived from this.